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I'm looking to work with a team to create desktop or mobile video games.

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I'm currently working as an application developer at a business in Erie, Pennsylvania. I'd love to work with a small group of people on the side creating video games. It would be great to find someone local who enjoys game development as well, but I'd also love to find people interested in graphics, audio, or content.


I love to work on challenges from design through to completion. Choosing how users interact with an application/game and how to best show its content is as satisfying as actively developing it.


I've been programming in C++ with SDL lately, but Java, C#, DirectX, PHP, and SQL are just as fun. I'm always open to learning new languages and studying new techniques.

Whether it's a top-down RPG, a classic arcade game, or anything in between, I'd love to work with a team of people to build something new.

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Erie, Pennsylvania. United States.

(814) four six zero-9494


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